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The number one vet recommended flea and tick medication is Bayer K9 Advantix II. This prescription flea and tick treatment helps protect dogs from ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and lice for up to 30 days. It kills adult fleas on contact before they can lay eggs, plus it repels them so they won’t even want to go near your pup. It’s safe for use with all breeds of dog over seven weeks of age. K9 Advantix contains imidacloprid and permethrin for a powerful, dual-action formula that targets both fleas and ticks. Plus it’s water-resistant, even when your pooch goes for a swim!

K9Advantix II

K9Advantix II is one of the most recommended flea and tick preventatives prescribed by veterinarians. This product was created specifically for dogs to protect them from not only fleas, but also ticks and mosquitoes. K9Advantix II uses a combination of active ingredients to keep your pup safe from pests.

In addition, K9Advantix II has an additional component that prevents infestations from forming inside your dog’s coat. This residual effect increases the chances of repelling any fleas or ticks that try to latch onto your pup after exposure. Plus, this product is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about reapplying if your dog gets wet during a swim or bathtime!

K9Advantix II is easy to apply – just pick up the applicator pack and fill it with an appropriate amount seresto collar website of serum depending on your dog’s weight. Then all you have to do is part their fur and apply directly at the base of their neck. Repeat monthly as recommended by your vet and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pooch is protected!


Seresto is the number one vet recommended flea and tick preventative for cats and dogs. It’s a convenient, odor-free collar that prevents fleas, ticks and larvae from taking hold in your pet’s fur for up to eight months. Seresto’s active ingredients are released continuously from the collar to your pet’s skin and hair which protects them from pesky parasites.

The built-in safety feature of SerestoÒ releases its active ingredients at a very slow rate with no overflow onto your furniture or carpets; plus its continuous performance lets you rest easy knowing that your furry friend will stay safe without multiple dosing appointments every year!

Seresto also has an adjustable design that fits pets of all sizes so you can purchase just one collar for all of your four-legged friends making it ideal for multi-pet households. Plus Seresto is water resistant and can remain on even while swimming! So if you’re looking for a top quality flea and tick preventive then look no further than Seresto, the number one vet recommended flea and tick product!

How They Work

Flea and tick products come in many forms, including liquid or spray treatments, spot sprays, oral tablets, and topical applications. Flea, tick, and other insect medications work by disrupting an insect’s nervous system, ultimately killing the pest. This can be done with both a contact and a systemic repellent depending on the type of product being used.

Systemic repellents, such as oral pills that are swallowed by your pet, will spread throughout your pet’s body to keep pests away. They have a longer lasting effect as well since it takes some time for the medicine to be metabolized into the bloodstream. Contact repellents typically stay active for shorter periods but provide faster killing power than systemic repellents do.

The number one vet-recommended flea and tick product usually has both types of repellents combined so you can get maximum protection from pests without needing multiple products. So whether you choose an oral tablet or a topical solution like a collar or spot-on treatment, make sure you get one that has two different types of active ingredients for strong protection against fleas and ticks!

Final note

When it comes to choosing a flea and tick treatment for your pet, it’s important to consider the features and benefits of all options before making a decision. Your vet’s recommendation should carry extra weight—but make sure you also do your own research to ensure you get a product that works for your pet’s individual needs.